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      1. Featured Windows & Doors Companies
        in Burlington, Ontario

        The Door Dudes

        Address: 16-3245 Harvester Rd, Burlington, ON L7N 3T7
        Phone: (905) 333-6705

        Peter Van Egmond & Sons

        Address: 20-4380 South Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7L 5Y6
        Phone: (905) 336-1557

        Lake City Home Improvements

        Address: 3018 New St, Burlington, ON L7N 1M5
        Phone: (905) 637-1111

        Brant Windows Inc

        Address: 5205 Harvester Rd, Burlington, ON L7L 6B5
        Phone: (905) 333-9658

        Desi's Aluminum Ltd

        Address: 1355 Artisans Crt, Burlington, ON L7L 5Y2
        Phone: (905) 335-1366

        Burlington Windows & Doors Inc

        Address: 921 King Rd, Burlington, ON L7T 3L2
        Phone: (905) 333-4960

        Burlington is a city located in Halton Region at the western end of Lake Ontario. Burlington is part of the Greater Toronto Area, and is also included in the Hamilton Census Metropolitan Area.

        Some of the city's attractions include Canada's Largest Ribfest, Sound of Music Festival, Art Gallery of Burlington, and Spencer Smith Park, all located near the city's municipal offices in the downtown core. Additionally, the city attracts hikers, birders and nature lovers due to the Royal Botanical Gardens located on the border with Hamilton, as well as its proximity to a part of the Niagara Escarpment in the north end of the city that includes the Iroquoian section of the Bruce Trail.